Finding the Right Truck Mounted Attenuator For Your Snowplough

If you operate a snow ploughing business which services Australian ski slopes, you will understand the risks involved when driving in extreme weather conditions. Ice, snow and heavy rain can significantly increase the chance of a collision between your plough and other vehicles. A crash could put your snowplough out of action or even place your life in danger. Because snowploughs are often moving a slow speed, the greatest risk comes from other vehicles hitting the plough from behind. You can help to mitigate the risk posed by a collision from the rear by investing in a truck mounted attenuator. Below is a guide to everything you need to know.

How a truck mounted attenuator works

A truck mounted attenuator is a metal attachment installed on the rear of a vehicle. If a collision occurs, the attenuator will absorb the majority of the kinetic energy, reducing the risk of damage to your vehicle and harm to its occupants.

The different types of attenuator

There are three types of truck mounted attenuators commonly used. These are:

  • Friction: A friction attenuator is designed to convert the kinetic energy generated by a collision into heat energy. The attenuator does this by forcing metal wire into a slot during an impact. The friction created by the movement of the wire converts the kinetic energy into heat.
  • Momentum: A momentum attenuator is filled with water or sand, which is designed to absorb the kinetic energy generated by a collision.
  • Deformation: A material deformation attenuator is designed to crumple when involved in a crash. This crumpling action absorbs some of the kinetic energy and helps to slow the other vehicle before it comes into contact with the truck.

Attenuators are graded according to the impact speed at which they are designed to operate. Some attenuators are only useful for low-speed collisions, so it is important that you choose an attenuator which suits the type of road you will be working on. If you are planning to plough a highway, you should ensure that the attenuator is designed to cope with higher speed collisions. Attenuators are available is a range of different sizes, so you should be able to find one which fits onto the rear of your snowplough.

If you are looking for a truck mounted attenuator, and you would like further help or advice, you should contact a professional attenuator supplier. The staff will be happy to discuss your needs before recommending the best type of attenuator.

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