Important Guidelines on Extending the Lifespan of Your Switchgear

The right switchgear is essential for your high power circuit in your industrial operation. This equipment will control your connected electrical machinery and protect them from potential fault and failure. In addition, this gear is ideal for isolating the electrical asset will isolate and de-energise the connected equipment for optimal performance. Typically, industrial switchgear is designed to provide long-term service after the initial installation. However, there are numerous factors which can affect the actual period of performance. Here are simple but crucial guidelines on extending the life of your switchgear and minimising the need for frequent repair.

Perform Standard Maintenance

There are numerous standard maintenance practices which must be performed to avoid the accelerated deterioration of the equipment. Therefore, you should carefully examine the owner's manual and identify the important tasks and the servicing intervals. In general, the components of the components such as the fuses, breakers and switches should be inspected regularly. This will allow you to identify problems before escalation. The moving components of the switch gear should be lubricated to prevent 'sticking'. It is also important to check for loose fittings and tighten for better performance. In addition, clean the switchgear and protect from dust, moisture and general contaminants. The combination of these adverse aspects often leads to deterioration.

Exercise the Circuit Breakers

The circuit breakers are indispensable in industrial switchgear. This is because the circuit breaker is the primary component designed to interrupt the electrical flow in case of a fault. Therefore, you should make certain that these elements are operational and in good condition for optimal performance when required. One of the critical maintenance practices is exercising the breakers. Basically, this means that you should manually operate the breakers periodically. This action will help ensure that the contacts in the equipment are clean. Moreover, the operational components will move more freely, ensuring fast response if an electrical fault does occur.

Use Predictive Performance Tools

You should utilise maintenance tools and online monitoring programs with predictive capabilities. This type of technology is designed to analyse the performance of the switchgear and project the expected trend. The generated data can be used to provide warning of potential failure, which means that repairs can be performed before actual failure. Additionally, you can customise the maintenance schedule of your switchgear based on the predicted information. Typically, the maintenance intervals provided in the owner's manual are suited for new power equipment. The needs will change based on usage and environment, so predictive tools can help create a more suitable servicing program.

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