Getting The Most Out of Rolling Your Lawn

Rolling out your lawn is one way to maintain it, especially in spring when the roots are actively growing and the grasses are coming out of their dormancy. However, as with any maintenance practice, you must know how to do it correctly for you to get the perfect results. For this reason, here are few things you need to know about rolling out your lawn and how to get the most out of it.

You Need the Correct Type of Lawn Roller

The first step to getting any procedure or task right is using the correct tools and equipment, and to roll out your lawn, you will need a lawn roller. Metal (steel) and plastic (polyethylene/polyurethane) are the main types of lawn rollers you may come across. Typically, metal lawn rollers are more durable and heavier. They have more stability, particularly on hillsides and don't puncture easily. Unfortunately, since they are heavier than their poly counterparts, setting them up or moving them especially around sharp turns may prove slightly more challenging. Poly lawn rollers don't rust and are easier to move. In addition, they tend to cost much less than their steel counterparts.

Roll Out Your Lawn Only When It's Necessary

Rolling out your lawn is not something you want to do every time. This is because while being a crucial part of your lawn maintenance, doing it wrongly or regularly can compact the soil, thereby inhibiting the right amounts of soil water and oxygen required for the healthy growth of your lawn. This is part of the reason it may not be a good idea to invest in a heavy lawn roller. However, some situations make lawn rolling an absolutely necessary and beneficial maintenance practice. For instance, the differential winter temperatures can sometimes result in soil heaving (upward swelling of your lawn soil). When this happens, rolling out the lawn will help remedy the problem. New loans should also be rolled out, especially after sodding or seeding to help pad the grass down.

Be Keen On the Ground Conditions Before You Roll Out the Lawn

The ground conditions are a crucial aspect to consider before rolling out your lawn. If you roll out the lawn when the ground is too dry, the grass roots or the seeds won't be pushed effectively into the ground to come into contact with the soil. On the other hand, a soaked ground will facilitate soil compaction, which is what you want to avoid. Therefore, dampness such as after light showers would be the perfect ground condition to roll out your lawn.

For more information on maintaining your lawn, contact a company that offers lawn services, such as roll on lawn installation and maintenance.

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