Safely Stylish: Could a Balustrade Improve Your Home?

Whether you're currently conducting home improvements or merely thinking about it, considering a balustrade railing for your home could be a great idea.  More sturdy and secure than an ordinary wooden fence and much less heavy and traditional than a full brick-and-mortar wall, this type of fencing will not only secure your home but look great doing it.  If you're wondering whether this is right for your home, wonder no more—here are a couple of suggestions for places where balustrades could fit into your home.


If you have any kind of balcony—either full or Juliet—then balustrade fencing could be a great option to secure that space.  It will allow light in so that your space isn't dark and unpleasant to sit in but will also keep you and your family nice and secure at height.

Garden Border

If you don't want a traditional wood or metal fence or brick wall to border your garden, then perhaps a balustrade could work for you.  You could either have one built as-is, or allow climbing plants to grow around them for a more overgrown and green look.  Either way, it'll be a great way to keep your garden fenced off from the outside world.


If your garden contains decking, you could have balustrades constructed to separate the higher surface from the rest of the garden.  This could help to prevent trips and falls but also helps divide off different sections of your space to dedicate to different things.  If you use balustrades for your garden border too, then you can even have the two match.


Make it easier to climb the stairs with a balustrade ascending along the edge of your staircase.  It's a nice modern alternative to a wooden bannister and equally as sturdy.  You can choose any colour or design to best suit the interior of your home, and you can have the balustrade constructed in any shape required to fit the shape of your home and your staircase.

Frankly, there are plenty of places a fence like this could fit in your home and garden; it just depends on your requirements.  You'll need to speak to a professional balustrade construction company, such as Balustrade Design, in order to see the full range of styles, colours and designs available to you, but if you're looking for something modern, stable and visually appealing, then you'll certainly find an option amongst them.

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