How Drinking Water Increases Work Productivity

The office water cooler is well known as the spot where people meet during the working day and swap the latest news. It's not just a gossip sharing post, though.

Having a water cooler in your workplace is a great way to encourage staff to stay hydrated throughout the day. And that not only makes them feel good and keep happy, but it also has several benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency. Here's an overview of the benefits of good hydration at work.

It increases energy

You might not feel the same buzz as you get after a cup of coffee, but drinking plenty of water can keep energy levels high. It ensures muscles are working optimally and increases mental alertness too, combatting tiredness.

It boosts brain power

Brains need to be properly hydrated to work at their best, and the difference can be quite astounding. Getting enough water helps people stay focused, increases attention to detail and seriously lifts creativity.

It helps fight sickness

A lot of work days are lost to sickness, so anything that can help staff stay healthier is priceless. When the body stays hydrated, it's more effective at fighting off illnesses, which means colds and flu have a harder time taking hold. In the unfortunate event that sickness does strike, drinking lots of water not only helps shift a cold quicker, but it can make people feel better by relieving sore throats and congestion.

It aids digestion

Constipation is no laughing matter, especially for people suffering with it at work. It can really sour the mood, which has the knock-on effect of decreasing work performance. Hydration is a big part of keeping things moving and can also deal with stomach pains and other digestive complaints.

It lifts the mood

Because there's so much water in the body, the impact it has on overall wellbeing when you're not getting enough is immense. For this reason, drinking a lot of water during the day can be an excellent way to increase happiness, which maximises work efficiency and makes a more pleasant environment for everyone.

It keeps headaches at bay

Everyone knows that some of the symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration, but it can occur for reasons other than drinking, and a headache can quickly appear. Instead of reaching for the pain medication, upping your water intake can get rid of a headache fast. Making sure you and your employees are properly hydrated is a good way to stop headaches from appearing to begin with.

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