Create the Right First Impression With Your Business Premises

Some businesses sound very polished and professional when you speak to them over the phone but let themselves down when visitors come to the office to attend a meeting. If you find that clients gain an unfavourable impression of your services and products after having attended your premises, then it is a sure sign that you need to smarten up your appearance. In some manufacturing and industrial settings, this is not so easy to achieve. Nevertheless, there are a number of measures that any business – large or small – can put in place that will help to create a better first impression.

  • Smarten Up Outside

The very first thing that visitors usually see when they turn up to your business premises is the car park. If you have stock and pallets strewn around the parking area, then it is time to tidy them away. Clearly mark which bays are for visitors and make sure that employees don't use them. Provide adequate lighting in your parking area so that visitors feel safe if they happen to arrive after dark.

  • Clean Your Doors and Windows

With traffic driving past your offices all day long and dust being kicked up, your premises' glazing can get into a very poor state over time. Indeed, it is not just the windows, which might be cleaned once in a while routinely, but their entire framing system that counts because grime can build up in them. Pressure wash your front façade including the entrance way, walls, doors and windows. A hot water diesel driven pressure washer, purchased from a company like Jetwave Industrial Equipment, is ideal for doing this job and you don't need specialist skills to operate one. A deep clean using one is so much better than a quick wipe over the glass with a damp sponge.

  • Improve the Reception Area

Guests really set a great deal of store by the waiting area you have for them when they turn up. You may have busy offices with lots of items and paperwork being passed around, but the reception and waiting areas should be calm and free from clutter. Make sure the carpet is cleaned and that you have a display cabinet which draws attention to some of your business achievements. Frequently, a reception area can be improved by simply having a few potted plants installed and a water cooler to make people feel more comfortable, so you needn't think that you will have to spend much money to create a better first impression.

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