Are You An Apartment Dweller Interested In Hydroponics? What To Know Before Getting Started

The love of growing plants for food or enjoyment is something shared throughout the nation by people from many cultures. When those who are drawn to gardening are also apartment dwellers, they may have previously had to limit their growing activities to a few potted plants on a sunny window sill or a balcony, if available. If you are living in an apartment and yearning to be able to more fully indulge your green thumb, this information about hydroponics can help expand your growing opportunities, even in a small apartment setting.

The hydroponic method offers many benefits

An important benefit of hydroponics for apartment dwellers is the fact that no soil is needed to grow healthy, productive plants. In addition to less potential for messes, there are no large, heavy pots of soil needed, making it possible to configure the plants in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

The absence of soil also eliminates the potential for weed growth or the presence of soil-borne pests and diseases. For apartment dwellers who share their living space with one or more feline companions, growing plants without soil also eliminates the possibility that the cats will dig in the pots of soil or attempt to use them as a litter box. 

The hydroponic method may result in faster growth

Growing without soil may also offer opportunities for faster, lusher growth and more productive yields. One of the reasons for this is that the formula of nutrients used in hydroponic growing can be more easily fine-tuned and delivered to plants in water than soil. 

Hydroponics also helps to eliminate problems associated with insufficient hydration, such as stunted growth and wilting issues. 

The hydroponic method allows custom growth opportunities

Hydroponics allows apartment dwellers to get creative with the location of their indoor gardening efforts. While a sunny window is perfectly acceptable, it is also possible to grow healthy plants with grow light bulbs or fixtures in areas of the apartment where there are no windows or sources of natural light.

Even spaces with very small footprints can be successfully used for hydroponic growing. One example of this is to utilize vertical spaces for growing, such as walls or alcoves. 

Specially designed hydroponic supplies are available. Supplies like a special plant light can be purchased and will include instructions to help beginner hydroponic growers get good results. 

To learn more about hydroponics or hydroponic supplies, contact a reputable agricultural or garden supply dealer in your area. 

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