How to Plan for a Residential Patio Construction Project

A patio can enhance your backyard experience by allowing you to spend more time outdoors or with your loved ones. What's more, the endless designs and features enable you to create both a functional and appealing outdoor space. As you plan the construction of your residential patio, here are a few tips to help you get started on the project.

Outline structural features

Your preferred patio features depend on the intended purpose of the structure. Do you want a simple sitting area outside your home, or are you planning a more complex space? You can increase the functionality and visual appeal of your patio by adding features such as:

  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A built-in sitting area
  • A fireplace. 

If you want a shade, you need to install a pergola; therefore, include this feature in the initial plans. You can also install a railing and steps for a raised patio.

Choose a suitable location

The location of your patio can affect its usability. You do not have to attach the structure to your house. Detached patios give you more space to work with; therefore, you can maximise the structure's functionality. Below are some factors to consider when choosing a suitable patio location:

  • Patio size: For bigger patios, you need to find a location in your backyard that is perfectly sized for the structure. Beware of encroaching on existing landscaping features such as the lawn and garden.
  • The slope of the ground: Avoid choosing a steep slope for your patio, as you may be forced to undertake costly excavation and grading works. Alternatively, you must build a retaining wall around the structure to stabilise the soil.
  • Drainage: Choose a slightly sloped area to allow easy water drainage from the patio. If you construct the patio on a low spot, you have to design a drainage system.
  • Excavation complications: Underground utilities and large tree roots can complicate excavation work during a patio construction project. If possible, choose a site that presents little or no digging challenges.

When choosing a site, consider any accessibility challenges that may arise during the construction phase. For example, if an excavator cannot access the site without damaging landscaping, rent compact earthmoving equipment. Doing this early will prevent project downtime.

Invest in quality installations

Proper installation is the key to building a durable patio. The floor needs a base that will hold together the stones, bricks, concrete or pavers and increase their lifespan. The amount of materials required for the base depends on the type of soil in your yard. Without this insight, you can easily build a poor-quality structure. Therefore, hire a professional contractor for the job.

Consider these tips when constructing a patio in your home. Consult a patio contractor for patio design and installation services.

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