A Property Developer's Guide to Choosing Town Planners

Town planning is a process that seeks to ensure proper land resource management. Generally, it entails controlling new and existing developments to ensure they align with existing local codes, policies, and needs. Overall, town planning seeks to ensure that land is appropriately managed to sustain future local needs. Therefore, if you are a first-time developer, it would be critical to understand the fundamentals of town planning before starting your development projects. Most importantly, you will need to work with a town planner. Town planners are essential because of their connections to national and local councils, understanding of application processes, ability to identify potential problems and offer solutions and knowledge of local and national planning requirements, among other reasons. However, you must work with the right town planner, and here is your ultimate guide to finding one.


Town planning is a broad field. And generally, many town planners focus specialise in different town planning disciplines. For instance, development management, landscape design, urban design, landscape economics, transport planning, housing, minerals and waste planning, etc., are some of the unique town planning disciplines. Therefore, if you are looking for a town planner for development management, one specialising in minerals and waste planning won't be a perfect choice. Therefore, ensure you understand your needs and explain them clearly when looking for a town planner, as this will help you narrow down your options and avoid wasting too much town on a town planner that may not be the best for the job.

Local Knowledge

Town planning rules, regulations, policies and needs vary from one area to another. In most cases, they tend to be unique to the local area. Therefore, it would help to work with a town planner with proper knowledge of the local requirements. For instance, they need to properly understand the local codes and zoning requirements, among others. However, while it may be best to work with a local town planner, this doesn't necessarily mean that they need to work or operate within the area. It would help to check whether they have previously been involved with other local area projects.


Quotes will often vary from one town planner to another. Distance, type of planning, planning requirements, etc., are some of the critical aspects that may determine the cost of town planning. Therefore, it is always good to compare quotes from different town planners to find an option that suits your budget. However, it's not uncommon to find town planners with hidden quotes. Therefore, when comparing quotes from different town planners, remember to ask if everything is included in the quote and whether you expect any other costs down the line. Doing this is crucial for your budgeting and avoiding costly surprises down the line.

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